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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Questions


What are your hours?

Our regular hours are Thursday & Friday from 11-6 and Saturday from 11-4.  Check back in October for extended hours.

Where are you located?

The short answer is that we are located at 2004 Riverside Drive, Unit F, Asheville NC.
The  long answer is that we are located in the historic Mill at Riverside.  We are in building 2004 (painted in huge letters on the building), in Unit F.  You enter from the Riverside Drive side (not behind the building where the railroad tracks are).  You can come in one of 2 doors:  one to the right of the loading docks or the one a bit further down with ramp access.  Either way, enter through the doors marker F-U.

Where do I park?

The short answer is anywhere you can.
The long answer is if there is no parking in front of building 2004, there is a parking lot across the street, in an elevated gravel lot.  It’s located a few feet north (traveling AWAY from Asheville on Riverside Drive) of the 2004 building, on the opposite side of the street.

How does renting costumes work?

Renting costumes is as easy as pie (easier really, because pie is hard). Renting gives you access to a vast costume closet without the hassle of maintenance and ownership.  Stop in, browse, try on, find something you like, rent, and return.  Easy peasy!  We take care of repairs and laundering.

How much does it cost to rent costumes?

You can rent a pretty complete costume for around $45 for a week.  The cost goes up or down depending on factors like number of pieces.  We accept cash, all major credit cards, and apple pay.

Do you have anything for sale?

We have lots of stuff for sale including a great selection of theatrical makeup from Mehron, unique eyelashes and masks, accessories, stockings, fangs, wigs, and yes, even costumes.