Costumes We Have Made Costumes We Have Made Old World Santa Holiday Parade 2011 Beautiful deep burgundy velvet jacket, pants, hat and cape trimmed in gold braid and long white fur. Designed for customer. 154341056 Reversible Red and Black 1700's jacket Graham is wearing the red side out and looks great for the Masquerade Ball. The other side is black with black braid trim. Made for DragonCon is now in the rental department and is very popular. 154341057 White Marie Antoinette 2-piece White with gold and black trim this 2-piece entered the White Ball Fashion Show downtown Asheville. It includes the skirt and a bodice with overskirt making it fuller and more flowing. The sleeves are the showcase and were tons of fun to make. 154341058 Madame Grande La Bouche Middle School This is the human piece for Beauty and the Beast's enchanted wardrobe. It is gold, green and lavendar. It fits middle schoolers, average 5th or 6th graders. 154341059 La Fou La Fou is Gaston's side kick in Beauty and the Beast. He is a Gaston wannabe and is over-the-top in everything including his clothing. This is the adult version and the cuffs are huge giving the actor lots to play with. 154341060 Adorable young girl's 1700 dress Custom made to sell one piece dress for any girl who loves to play dress up. Perfect for a school production, play, faire, or photo shoot. Close up photos follow. $85.00 154341061 Close up of the sleeve 154341062 Close up of the back The lace up back with extension makes it very versatile for many sizes. 154341063 Silvery White Tudor gown Beautiful Tudor period dress for masquerade or faire. Has lace up back for many sizes. Close up of trim follow. $95.00 154341064 close up of trim rhinestone pin on bodice with ribbons and bow. 154344919 Goddess of the Forest This is the back of the cape with moss rope and ruched fabric for "roots". Dried grasses, little animal figures, Fairy Berry lights, and small cones are hand sewn in. The headdess is moss, flowers, deer skull, and cones. This was made for Asheville Community Theatre's fundraiser Dramarama Fashion Show, Monday July 9th 2012. 160113457 Goddess of the Forest This is the front of the Forest Goddess costume. 160113852