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" Oh So Asheville "


"Oh so Asheville"! I hear that daily as shoppers visit the store. I have met so many fabulous people and have so many fun moments that I thought I'd like to jot them down for you to enjoy also.

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WLOS Channel 13 interview!!

Posted by thecostumeshoppe on May 3, 2012 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Wow!! The camera showed up in the shoppe yesterday and told me that Lexington Ave had been chosed by the NC Chapter of the American Planning Assoc as one of the top five Great Main Streets and did I want to make a comment!! "You bet I do! Let me find my lipstick!", I said.

But we always knew it was a Great Main Street didn't we?  And we know why too. First of all it's all funky, locally owned, the mom and pop stores that make a place unique. Lexington is the kind of street I look for when I travel. I want to see what makes that city its own particular entity; the food, the clothes, the sound, the feeling. I won't find that in a fast food spot, or a big box store that looks just like the one on my town's fast food ally.

Its always so tricky to be on television. I get chatty and often silly but thankfully they cut that and included what I really wanted to say and I'm glad.

I've never heard my name pronounced like that! Ha! Its ok, really!!



Bye Bye Bunnies

Posted by thecostumeshoppe on April 25, 2012 at 8:30 PM Comments comments (1)

I'm sure that the Shoppe's front display windows are the most photographed in the city. Miss Glo is the chief artist of creative insanity and has even won city awards. The most recent a cash award for the Holiday Season competition.

The Bunny wedding that was up for April was created by my daughter, Charlotte, showcasing her wonderful children's costumes that she custom designs and sells.

During the nice weather most of us shop owners keep our doors open and it was so much fun listening to the comments of folks as they walked by. "Oh that is so creepy! A Bunny Bride!! Hand me the camera!! or "Oh that is so adorable!! Look at the sweet Bunny Bride. Hand me the camera!!"

Today Whitney cleared the windows and put up dresses and skirts that are not necessarily costumes. Very unique, one-of-a-kind created by local artists.  Fashion designers who might have an etsy site or might just love to upcycle and turn an old forgotton piece of clothing into a fun piece of fashion perfect for the club, Burning Man, or party.

Perfect timing for the Trunk Show this weekend. Rag Tag Sally here in the shoppe, April 27th, 7:00 - 9:00. Meet the designer, Chuck, have some refreshments and have fun. Check out his website